Our holiday protection pledge

Your Safety is our first priority during your holidays in Lefkada!

Dear Guests

Our main priority is and always has been our customers' well being. Therefore the owner of each villa is following an extensive cleaning and disinfecting strictest protocol prior and through your stay always in accordance with all safety rules and precautionary measures.

Cleaning Terms in Greek Villas

More specifically:

  • The cleaning products are approved by CDC Greece.
  • All staff is daily checked for any symptoms related to covid 19.
  • Cleaning staff are all using protective materials (eg masks, gloves) as dictated by the Ministry of Health and the Civil Protection.
  • All surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and all the reusable cleaning tools are washed in high temperature and ironed appropriately.
  • Buttons, switches and handles are carefully cleaned.
  • The equipment in the kitchen are cleaned with sanitizer.
  • All remote controls are covered by new transparent membrane or disinfected.
  • The linen are handled with extra caution and are placed back only by appointed staff fully sanitized.
  • Clothing materials such as couches, curtains seats and sunbeds are steamed prior to your arrival.
  • The filters of the air-conditioners are cleaned thoroughly.
  • The house has been aired for at least 6 hours.
  • The cleaning services offered are in accordance to the strictest Greek protocols. In case you require an even more extensive cleaning or certified disinfection services please advise us minimum 7 days prior your arrival so that we proceed accordingly and advise you for the extra cost.

    You are kindly requested to address any issues or worries immediately to the contact e-mails so that we take extra actions. If we do not receive your objections or special requirements we consider the cleaning described accepted and indisputable.

    Cleaning Terms in Greek Villas


    Due to specifications of the Ministry of Tourism, the mid-week cleaning during your stay is offered only upon request. If you wish to receive the service and in order to ensure your safety as well as the staff's minimum risk, the mid-week cleaning/s can only occur:

  • at your absence. The hours that you need to be away from your villa will be minimum 6 morning hours and will be agreed prior to your arrival. Additionally,
  • with all your personal belongings, stored, in order to avoid exposure to contamination.
  • you need to notify us the latest 7 days prior to your arrival.
  • If you wish to avoid this, we can provide you with the linen you need for your self-service.


    The Villa is fully equipped with small appliances that are cleaned extensively before your arrival. If you feel unsafe to use a reusable device please advise us prior to your arrival so as to remove them from your kitchen.

    The maximum number of guests entering the pool simultaneously is one per 5m2 and the sunbeds and sittings around the pool for guests from separate rooms must have a distance of 2m in each side.

    Kindly note that no visitors outside the registered guests are allowed in the villa.

    We hope that following the detailed update, you feel comfortable and excited for your well deserved vacations!

    Anna Kaklamani - General Manager - Coordinator (+30.26450.26912)